There's a lot of visual porn out there, and not all of it is good for the soul. I think porn can be beautiful, sexy, exciting and arousing without having to resort to negative themes or imagery - this category is for those who are looking for something a little more mainstream, "vanilla" and not very taboo.

You'll find links to some of the longest-running and most well-respected video sites like Femjoy, Joymii and Nubile Films, to name a few.


Sometimes still images can be more alluring than video - and in this category, I feature some of the best nude and erotic photography sites on the web.


Some of these sites feature sexual imagery of solo women or couples, some feature nude women only. Most of these sites have been online for more than 10 years, with a solid reputation for customer satisfaction, good quality updates, and ethical treatment of their models.

As an erotic audio performer myself, this art form is dear to my heart. If you haven't yet tried the immersive, intimate experience of audio erotica, here's your chance to discover a wonderful new form of erotic bliss.

In this category you'll find listings of erotic audio performers (female and male) that have their own sites, profiles or custom offerings. You'll also find links to general erotic audio sites that I recommend if you're looking for positive, ethical erotic audio.

I'm a writer of erotic fiction as well, and so I really appreciate just how engaging and enticing the written word can be. The term 'romance novels' is a bit misleading - modern romantic/erotic fiction is nothing like the sappy, over-the-top trashy novels of old - I think most people would be truly shocked at just how sexual (and how well written) most 'romances' are these days.


In this category you'll find my choices for fiction and non-fiction that I highly recommend, along with a plug or two for my own work


Almost as soon as man invented the paintbrush, people started painting nudes. There's something so charming about this - not to mention stunningly beautiful. For centuries, this was the only glimpse most people ever had of the beautiful naked female form, and it's just as captivating today.

In this category, I list online sources of fine art nudes, artists, and erotic/erotic art museums (some of which I've visited and filmed a tour of)


Arguably the most important section on this site - taking care of your sexual, physical and mental health. When it comes to sexuality, there's a lot of misinformation, confusion and worry out there, and too many people neglect their physical and mental health.

In this category you'll find links to help you take good care of yourself, body and soul.

Ever wanted to try a sex toy, but didn't know where to start? Worried about whether the toy you do buy is safe to use? How about visiting a sex shop - are you too embarrassed to go in?

In this category, I provide links to body-safe and ethical products and resources that you can trust and have some safe fun with.

Featured Site is a unique new social media/personal subscription site that features updates from online performers and personalities. Models like Holly Peers, Emma Glover and Kelly Hall, photographers like James Watson and Dikki Hurst, writers, audio performers, artists and more, all posting updates about their work and lives.

"Like Instagram with pay areas" is how they describe themselves. The public timeline is SFW (like Instagram), but subscribers can see behind discrete 'screens' to see private post, which often include nudity or more adult themed content.