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What is Eden?

I'm Eve (also known as Eve's Garden), and I'm a sex-positive, male-positive erotic audio performer and writer. Besides posting in places like Reddit and Literotica, I have my own erotic audio site,

My brand of erotica is simple - positive, uplifting, passionate. Immersive and intimate and above all, meant to make you feel good, body and soul. I never do anything degrading, humiliating or negative, and you'll never hear me refer to sex as 'dirty', 'filthy', 'naughty' or 'bad'. I will never do themes that I consider to be harmful or negative - no rape, incest, violence, cheating, etc. There are plenty of other people who will happily do this kind of thing, it's just not what I'm about.

I've heard from many listeners that they were completely turned off by the harshness and misogyny of a lot of modern porn. While a lot of porn is quite often soulless and empty, I knew that it wasn't a lost cause, that there is still quite a bit of passionate, ethical, positive erotic entertainment being made.

Adam and Eve painting

Eden was born out of my desire to find and feature the best in erotic audio, video, photography, writing and art. My criteria for inclusion in this curated, hand-picked link site is simple - I want only the best and most positive, the safest and most trustworthy, the most ethical and responsible. While I can't absolutely guarantee every site or individual I feature here will always adhere strictly to these ideals, it's my goal to introduce you to only those whom I feel best embody them. If they stop being positive and ethical, I will no longer include them here, and I encourage you to let me know if you see something that doesn't belong.

For full transparency, I am an affiliate of many of the sites and individuals listed here and links to Amazon include my affiliate code. Not every site or individual listed here is commercial, and not all of them offer affiliate programs, so there will be just as many listings for free sites and services as for paid ones. Eden is not a links site trying to generate income at all costs - I am selective and careful, and will show the best of the best, paid or unpaid.

So please enjoy the site, and if you'd like to be listed here or know of a site or individual you think should be included, please get in touch.

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