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Join the Eraudica Reseller Program
and earn 50% of lifetime signups

  • Sign up here and start earning 50% of all sales you send from your website or personal links.

  • Use my images or your own, just make sure to include your affiliate code. For example:

    • link any image, free audio or video from this site

    • make Youtube videos out of any free audio on this site, giving credit to and including your affiliate code link in the description

    • Include a link to this site in a blogpost or review

    • Include your link on Twitter, Facebook, etc

    • any questions?

                                      Here's the linking code to use for basic text links.
                                                                                                        replace the U's with your Verotel ID


These are some of the banners available to you as an affiliate. To use one of these banners, please visit Verotel's site and log in with your Verotel ID to get the exact and correct HTML for the banner you wish to use.

eraudica banner
eraudica banner small
eraudica banner b&w
eve's garden banner long
eraudica banner square
eve's garden banner
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