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Erotic & Intimate Audio

Erotic audio is unlike any other kind of erotica - it's incredibly intimate and immersive, and can make you feel like a participant instead of just an observer. It also allows all people, of all colours, shapes, sizes, and genders to enjoy erotica that resonates with them. Below are some sites and performers I recommend.

Multi-Performer Sites (M&F)


Sexy and soothing audios for all, by male and female voices.


One of the earliest erotic literature sites, including a large audio section.


Gentle, soothing audio experiences

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 6.43.55 PM.png

for the poetry lovers!


a fantastic subreddit for a great mixture of sex and silliness!

Individual Performers  - Female

e.g.logo 1 purple.jpg

All audios by me, Eve's Garden!

BB profile_pic.jpg

One of my favourite sultry voiced female voice artists.


ASMR and soothing audio by Grace's Grove.


erotic audio for men, women, both and neither!

Individual Performers  - Male


One of the most popular

male performers recording today!


A deep-voiced, growly,

sensual performer to get those tingles going.

Dareon Audio.jpg

A deep voiceed, native Spanish speaker with a wonderful accent!

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