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Help me spread the word about Eraudica and sex-positive erotic audio!

Ways to Help


Post My Videos

I've made dozens of videos from my public audios, many of which are posted on YouTube, Vimeo, PornHub and more. It's free and, with a little care, easy to do.

Posting videos made from my public audios is one of the best ways to promote my work.

YouTube is by far the best place to upload videos, and at the moment I have two of my own channels. If you'd like to help promote me and other erotic audio performers you admire, consider creating your own fan channel. You can upload any of my videos , I only ask that you leave them intact and put a link to Eraudica somewhere in the description - note that with YouTube you need to put the full URL in the description  - i.e. to make it into a link.  I usually say something like "You can download the audio only here..." and link directly to the audio on my site. It's also a good idea to say something like "Posted with permission of Eve's Garden."

Tips for Posting to YouTube

YouTube, like just about everywhere else, does not allow sexual content on their platform - at least in theory. The safest material to post, then, is my non-erotic audio, including my Sweet Nothings series, poetry, cuddly audios, Under the Covers with Eve and Eve's Guide for Regular Guys. With no 'objectionable' content in these audios, you'd be safe to post without risking your account being terminated.

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 18.19.38.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 18.27.28.png

Posting my erotic themed audios is the single best way of promoting me, earning me the most traffic by far.

Just know that your account will likely be reported and deleted at some point. You can always make new accounts later, but if I don't recommend posting my erotic audios on any account you don't want to lose.

This advice applies to most video sites, including Vimeo and
Daily Motion. For Pornhub, you can post my erotic audios freely.


Be Social!

Even if you don't want to use your personal social media accounts to promote your favourite erotic audio creators, you can always create fan accounts and tweet/post, like, favourite and share. You can even make 1 minute versions of SFW audios to post on Twitter TikTok and Instagram. It all helps!


Become a Paid Affiliate


If you have your own website, whether original content or affiliate links, you can become an official reseller of and earn 50% commission on all

sales you send my way. Details on becoming an Eraudica reseller can be

found here.

Other Ideas

Word of mouth, commenting, and reviews really help!

They're also hard to achieve, since most people don't feel comfortable openly recommending sexual content. But there are ways you can spread the word, if you do it with care and consideration, and avoid spamming sites or forums at all costs.

For example, if you're on a relevant subreddit like /r/sex, and you think a poster might benefit from knowing about erotic audio or positive sexuality, feel free to direct them to /u/eves-garden or my own subreddit, /r/evesgarden. Most communities on Reddit are completely against any profitable venture, so use this carefully and only if you think it can genuinely help someone. I'm not asking you to spam anyone or seed comment sections with a promo for me! Nor am I asking you to post about me or my work, just bring it up if it's relevant and helpful, and keeps the rules and sensibilities of the subreddit in mind.

There are also quite a few porn site review sites, and while erotic audio isn't yet an established category on most of them, it likely won't be long before it is - you can get the ball rolling by writing to the site admins and suggesting your favourite performers's sites be included.

If you follow bloggers, sex writers, magazines or podcasts that might like to know about erotic audio, you can always let them know with a tweet or a DM and a link. Again, this isn't about spam, I am only advocating spreading the word if it's appropriate and judiciously done. In some cases, you might feel as though sexual or mental health publications might like to know how therapeutic and often life-changing discovering sex- positive erotic audio can be.

Thank you for helping to spread the word! Comments, questions or concerns?

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