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Shari James R.N

A holistic approach to treating erectile dysfunction

Shari James is a Registered Nurse who specializes in a holistic approach to erectile dysfunction without involving pharmaceuticals. A former stripper with a healthy attitude towards sexuality and mental health, Shari is a great resource for men who struggle with ED, working with them to get to the underlying cause.

Susan Marilyn Block Ph.D

Founder of the Dr. Susan Block Institute for the Erotic Arts & Sciences

The Dr. Susan Block Institute for the Erotic Arts & Sciences is an internationally renowned center for sex exploration, expression, education, investigation and therapy, founded by Susan M. Block, Ph.D. in 1991.

Our mission is to assist individuals, couples, groups and communities to unlock the “secrets” to their sexualities and to support them in finding ways to meet their needs and desires  that are not self-destructive or harmful to others. We serve a diverse range of men, women, and transgender folk, both single and in couples of all “orientations,” cultures and lifestyles, helping them with a wide range of sexual pleasures and problems: from impotence to exhibitionism, intimacy issues to orgasmic fulfillment, transgender questions to relationship problems, erotic fantasies to challenging realities, fears to desires, fetishes to marriages.

The Art of Manliness

Amazing array of resources for men, now includes a podcast

The Art of Manliness is a one-stop resource for actionable advice that covers every aspect of a man’s life: character, career, relationships, fitness, style, skills, and much more. Through weekly podcasts and articles, AoM tackles subjects from the philosophical and serious to the practical and fun. AoM differentiates itself from other men’s lifestyle media outlets in providing content that is intelligent, thoughtful, thorough, eminently useful, and clickbait-free.

Heads Up Guys

Online resource for men battling depression

HeadsUpGuys began as a simple survey in a doctor's office, but quickly grew into a website dedicated to men suffering depression. Their vision is to envision a world where men make their mental health a priority. They specifically assert they are not associated with MRA ideology, they simply want to be a resource for men who might not seek help when they need it.

American Sexual Health Association

Online resource for men battling depression

The American Sexual Health Association envisions a world where sexual and reproductive health and rights are universally recognized, and where comprehensive sexual health information and services are accessible and available to all, free from coercion, violence, and discrimination across the lifespan.

Survivors UK

Online resource for male victims of sexual trauma

Based in the UK, this amazing organization helps men from all over deal with their sexual trauma in a safe and positive environment. Too often men feel too ashamed to talk about these issues, but this organization aims to change that. If you've suffered sexual trauma, there's no shame in it it, there are people willing and able to help.

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