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Ethical, sex-positive, and responsible places to shop for sex toys, clothing, and more.

To be listed here, a company has to be well-established and committed to sex-positivity and responsible sourcing, including products that aren't harmful to your health. Bonus points for those committed to cruelty-free choices, and those who donate a portion of their profits to charity. I am an affiliate of some, but not all, of these shops.


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I recently did a giveaway of a Fleshlight Go Surge on Eraudica, and as part of the filmed draw I did an unboxing and mini review of the fleshlight. I was totally impressed with this product, from the packaging to the quality of the materials and the overall design. I'm not a guy, but I can almost guarantee any guy would enjoy the feel of this wonderful little gem. I am an affiliate of Fleshlight, so if you're considering buying one, please use my affiliate link and I'll make a small commission at no extra cost to you. 💕

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"Organic Loven seeks out the safest and most nourishing pleasurable intimate products for its customers. We assure that people can love, be sexy and never worry that products enhancing their pleasure would do them harm. All lubricants, body washes and condoms available to our subscribers and shoppers are eco-friendly and free from any chemicals. All products labeled “organic” are Certified Organic. All toys are comprised of body-safe, non-porous materials such as medical-grade silicone, stainless steel, glass, sustainable polished wood, or ABS plastic. Whether you are purchasing your first toy or your fifteenth, you can feel confident that products you receive from Organic Loven have been vetted and verified to be truly body-safe." Use coupon code EVEELLIOT for 10% off

Smitten Kitten Sex Shop

The Smitten Kitten is a sex positive space where everyone is welcome. "Sex positive" doesn't just mean we're really enthusiastic about sex. It means that we work to promote an inclusive, shame-free environment where it's okay to talk about all kinds of consensual sex. People's pleasure, consent and physical and mental health are what's most important when it comes to sexuality. That's why our store rules read as follows:

1. Everyone is welcome
2. Respect yourself and others
3. Don't "Yuk" my "Yum!"

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The Screaming O is the award-winning adult product designer behind some of the most popular sex toys on the market, successfully enhancing romantic relationships since 2005. The Screaming O products are easy-to-use, fun-to-try and made of materials consumers can trust at prices they can afford – because everyone deserves body-safe materials and quality construction.

Committed to consumer trust, The Screaming O tests its products with an independent lab to confirm that all materials are non-toxic and body-safe and clearly labels every package to assure shoppers know exactly what they’re buying.
What started out over a decade ago as a simple sex toy concept has become a way of life for people around the world to enjoy better, more satisfying sex while building intimacy and communication.

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Sex Siopa is Ireland's multi-award winning, health and design focused, online sex shop!

"Our goal is to give our customers the best experience possible by stocking bodysafe, well designed toys and accessories as well as providing them with current, up-to-date information about toy care, safe sex, and the products themselves.

“Bodysafe” refers to toys made from materials known to be safe for internal use. Sex Siopa stock only bodysafe toys.

100% Irish small business: owned by an Irish citizen, operating from Ireland"

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