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Positive. Intimate. Erotic. Vanilla.

  • Get paid for your positive, romantic, erotic or comforting audios

  • Promote your other platforms and sites and custom work

  • Reach thousands of new listeners a month

  • Make the world a more sex-positive place

  • For male or female performers and listeners of any orientation

The Basics

*For more details, check out the

Vanilla Audio Home page

We all know sexuality is a complex thing, and there are as many different preferences, kinks, and fantasies as there are stars in the sky. We're not about shaming anyone, or making judgments - we're simply about celebrating 'vanilla' sexuality in audio form - it's our kink, if you will.

Vanilla Audio is currently an account on, which is a SFW, Instagram-type site for creators, photographers, models and personalities. Bimgirls also allows for NSFW material to be posted in private areas of each account, which are 'hidden' behind screens on the public timeline.

This is crucial for erotic audio, as places like Patreon have a no pornography policy that they can enforce any time, and often do (sporadically and inconsistently). Bottom line - you won't have to worry about possibly being 'kicked off' this platform for posting NSFW vanilla audio.


If you become a contributor to Vanilla Audio, we will post up to 5 of your SFW, non-erotic, cuddly or intimate audios on the public timeline per month.


These are non-exclusive audios that you're free to post anywhere else you'd like. (You do give us the right to post them, however, even if you delete them from other sites.)


You'll be credited and linked to as a performer, and any graphics you'd like to include (like photos of yourself, or your logo) will be included in the post. We'll create an 'album cover' for each of your posts unless you provide something yourself. 

Additionally, up to 5 of your NSFW, vanilla erotic audios will be posted in the private area of the account, concealed behind a privacy screen and available only to registered users. (This is to comply with legal requirements of several countries concerning adult material.)

You can decide whether you'd like to be paid for your work. We know that for many erotic audio performers, this is a fun hobby or a labour of love, and not something they want to monetize. We respect whatever you're comfortable with - as long as you're okay with Vanilla Audio charging listeners a small monthly fee to listen to some of the posts, we are happy to pay you, or accept your contributions as 'donations', whatever you feel is best. Please see the FAQ for details about filling scripts written by others.

For a platform like this to succeed, we'll need your help spreading the word and attracting as many vanilla-lovers as possible. We'd appreciate your linking to the general account from your subreddits/other platforms, and when we post an audio of yours, a tweet or Instagram post with a link will help both you and us. The more popular this platform becomes, the more we'll able to pay performers and writers for their work.

We aim to make Vanilla Audio a welcoming, friendly community where performers, writers, listeners and fans can interact and share their love of sensual, passionate, sexuality.


For further details, please see the Vanilla Audio Home page or contact us.


For the moment, Vanilla Audio is an invitation-only, curated site. Keep checking back for updates about how to be considered for inclusion, or contact us for more information