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Vanilla Audio is about, by and for you.

We're all about vanilla (see our definition below) audio erotica, written and performed or improvised by those who have loved erotic audio for years.

We have a simple goal - pay creators to produce quality vanilla erotic audio. To do that, we charge listeners a small membership fee for some audios on the site, which pays for the hosting of content, and pays creators for their work.

And that’s it.

We’re about stemming the tide of creators’ hard work being stolen and posted elsewhere, usually to profit only the content thief. We’re about rewarding those who put their blood sweat and tears into producing exciting, creative vanilla audio experiences.

We are a grass roots collection of passionate creators, and we’re determined to give you the best vanilla erotic audio on the planet.




             What our audios are about




Erotic Audio is relatively new but quickly growing phenomenon, with new sites and performers appearing all the time. But until now, no site has focused on what we see as the core values of Vanilla Audio:


A positive, respectful attitude towards sex, sexual partners,

and sexuality in general.


Themes and fantasies that depict consenting adults engaging

in legal activities.


A holistic approach to the listener as a whole person, including

their emotional and mental well-being in addition to their

sexual satisfaction.

Providing a safe, trustworthy and enjoyable experience for

all performers and listeners.


Audios are identified as either erotic or non-erotic, and tagged as to the sex of the performer and the sex of the intended listener(s). For example:

Erotic audio - Themes include lovemaking/fucking, gentleness/roughness, D/lg* (no age), D/s, femdom*/msub*, mdom/fsub*, JOI, hypnosis, role-play, story telling, poetry, scripts, rambles, improvisations, wordless soundscapes, toy reviews, hysterical literature, countdowns - anything sexual in nature to excite and entertain the listener. * adult, consensual and sex-positive versions of these themes only      


These audios will be concealed behind blurred out screens on the main timeline, in accordance with the laws of several countries regarding adult content. Registered users simply have to click on these screens to reveal the audio, and in some cases, they'll have to purchase a membership to hear them.


Non-erotic audio  - Themes include cuddling, supportive, snuggling, poetry, rambles, podcast or educational,etc.


These audios will be posted on the public timeline and accessible by all.

Gender Tags -   [F4M] [F4F] [F4A]- Audios by a female voice for male, female, or all listeners

                            [M4F] [M4M] [M4A] - Audios by a male voice for female, male or all listeners  

                            [TF4F][TM4A] etc - Audios by a trans voice for all female, male or all listeners









"Taboo" or illegal themes, even if it's "just fantasy” or “role-play”. 


No rape/non-consent, no underage, no bestiality. Period.

Negative themes: No humiliation (including cheating themes that seek to disrespect the listener’s real life partner, cuckoldry, etc ), degradation, findom, misogyny or misandry. No violence, torture, captivity, knife play, snuff, vore, or anything that involves physical or emotional harm or abuse. No incest or step-family themes.

Misleading information about: ’hypnosis’, about what it can do for you (i.e. mind control, sissification, penis growth or any of that nonsense), gender/age (i.e. no voice manipulation to pretend the performer is a different gender or age, or misleading tagging about what the audio is about.) No surprises in other words.




Use your existing persona or user name, add a photo or logo, personalize your bio and add links to your other platforms


We'll choose the audios we'd like to post, or you can suggest audios you think would be a good fit or would like to record for us


We'll choose scripts, or you can suggest scripts/ideas yourself. Any of your unpublished vanilla erotic audios can be used too.


Once a month you'll get paid for all the audios you post. You can also arrange for custom work from your bio page, that's up to you!

PAYment option

We strongly believe in paying creators for their hard work and creativity, and we've noticed that dedicated fans enjoy supporting their favourite creators, too. If you choose to be paid for your audios, here's how it works:


We pay $20 US per public (ie SFW/non-erotic) audio per month, up to 5 audios* per calendar month. These are non-exclusive, you can still post them elsewhere, and they can be previously published audios. These will be offered for free to the public.

We pay $50 US per private (ie NSFW/erotic) audio per month, up to 5 audios* per calendar month. These are also non-exclusive, you can still post them elsewhere and they can be previously published

audios. Some of these audios will be offered free to the public, some will become part of the Vanilla Audio Exclusive subscription site, the proceeds of which go back into hosting the site and paying performers. 

We would prefer to be able to offer some exclusive audios that can't be heard anywhere else, just to make

Vanilla Audio that much more appealing and of value to listeners, and our goal is to be able to pay a premium to performers for providing exclusive audios. For now, we can only ask performers to consider offering exclusive audios to us for the above rates, at least until the site grows.


We're building a script bank you can choose from if you need inspiration.


We pay out at the end of each month by PayPal, bank transfer, or whatever we mutually agree works best.

You may discuss or arrange private custom audio work with your listeners  - we have no involvement with this, and don't offer guarantees or dispute resolution, it's simply a place for you to connect with your listeners and offer your services. Any fees you charge or collect are up to you, we don't take a cut or charge fees for it ourselves.

* You may choose to offer more audios per month, but these will be unpaid. The more audios you post, however, the more well known and popular you will become on the site, which may help us pay you more in the future. We want this site to grow and performers to prosper, so we will always be open to new options.


We pay writers for their contributions to the site, with similar terms as above. We pay $10 per cuddly/SFW audio script performed and hosted on this site, and $25 per erotic audio script performed on this site. If you wish to allow your work to be made available in the script bank, contact us here.


Who can contribute audios?

For the moment, all performers featured on Vanilla Audio are by invitation only, and all audios are chosen by the editors. If you'd like to be considered for inclusion, contact us.

I do a lot of vanilla themes, but what if I also do audios with themes you don't accept?

That's entirely your business. We simply license and promote only the audios of yours that do fit our values. Whatever else you do on other platforms is entirely up to you, and won't affect your inclusion on Vanilla Audio.

Can I just post audios myself, or do you have to post them?

For now, we will post the audios for you, under our umbrella account at In the future, there may be an option for to upload to a dedicated site directly. Please keep track of how many you've posted in any given month, and check out the scripts on offer. With many contributors, it will be difficult for us to keep track of everyone's status so we're depending on the performers to have a general overview of their own account.

Do I keep my copyright? And can I keep the audios you license on my own site/subreddit etc?

For any non-erotic/public audios we publish - yes, you retain the copyright. You are simply allowing us to publish your audios under your user name through a non-exclusive license. You may continue to post them elsewhere. We hope that you'll promote Vanilla Audio along with any of your other platforms, to help make the site known. If you fill a script that has been offered on GWA or elsewhere, please credit the author and let them know where and when you've posted the audio.

For erotic/premium audios that we commission from you - no, just as with custom audio commissions, any work we commission from you becomes ours and you may not publish it anywhere else without our permission. If you want to perform a script offered on GWA or elsewhere, you need to get their permission to produce this script for Vanilla Audio (ie not for public release). Some authors do not want their work used on membership sites.

Can I promote my other sites/custom work?

Absolutely. Feel free to promote all your platforms an arrange custom projects with your fans. Vanilla Audio is not involved with private transactions you negotiate with your customers. We are, however, fully supportive of any performer who wishes to monetize their work. We are working on providing a private paid area for performers to charge a subscription and accept tips for custom work.

Do I have to provide images of myself?

No, that's entirely up to you. Many performers like to create signature logos or provide photos or graphics that represent them, and some like to show their listeners what they look like - whatever you choose to do is up to you. If you have no logo or graphic, we'll give you a generic placeholder image to use.

What if I want to quit doing audio and delete all my accounts?

We understand that sometimes a performer decides to retire from doing audio work, or feels it necessary to delete their accounts. If we have paid to license an audio of yours, we hope that you do allow us to keep it publicly posted. Contact us if you are having any difficulties or are considering taking such a drastic step as deleting your accounts, we may be able to offer help or advice. 

Further Questions? Get in Touch.